Revolutionize Relationships

Soul Relationship Map™

Fundamentally, we want two things:

1: To be fully and unconventionally ourselves (warts and all)
2: To deeply connect and feel a sense of acceptance and belonging with others through healthy relationships.

And therein lays the problem. We have been hardwired to believe through childhood experiences that we can’t have both.

In fact, relationships often end up being about compromise and selling out, avoiding or trying repeatedly to work through conflict and issues, and despite everything, slowly losing some part of our true selves.

Relationships, including deep love relationships are about connecting in authentic levels and loving ourselves regardless if the other person sees or understands our truth. In doing so, we create profound harmony and love, but it’s only by honoring ourselves first.

This can be a radical shift in your understanding of how to be in healthy and blissful relationships, but it’s totally possible with a Soul Relationship Map™.

In a Soul Relationship Map™:

I tune into whether your current relationship is in alignment with your highest path and purpose and if not, how to up level that alignment.

I uncover any past lives you’ve lived together and what the nature of your relationships were.  

You learn the seven soul commitments that transform a relationship from surviving to thriving.

I provide a powerful spiritual clearing to clear karma, patterns, and contracts at soul level that are creating conflict or unease. 

You learn what your life lesson in this relationship is and the percentage that’s complete.

You walk away empowered and motivated to honor your truth in your relationship while simultaneously honoring your partner’s truth.

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