Master Money

Soul Money Map™

Have you ever wondered why some people are good
at making money and some people are more challenged?

Have you worked really hard to build a good income and
you still aren’t at the level you want to be?

What could change with your money if knew this to be true: We are all wired differently.

A money making strategy might work for one person, but it may not work for you. What if you knew how YOU uniquely manifested? How freeing could it be if you stopped comparing your unique way of manifesting with someone else’s?

The truth is, on a soul level we all manifest differently. By accessing your Akashic Record and tapping into the 7th dimensional aspect of you, I can reliably tell you how you are meant to manifest.

Having access to your Soul Money Map™ is like being able to turn the dial on the radio station so that the music comes in crisp and clear instead of fuzzy and out of tune.

In your soul money map, we talk about seven different layers that makeup how you’re meant to manifest in this third dimension reality.

In your Soul Money Map, we answer questions like:

Why aren’t my vision board and visualizations working for me?

Why can’t I making more money when I’ve worked on clearing my money blocks?

For business owners:
What kind of marketing campaign will translate into the most sales for me?

Will I receive more financial flow if I create low cost products and services or concentrate on high-end luxury items and services?

This reading is for you if:

  • You’re tired of working really hard in your business only to not have the payoff that you deep down know you deserve.
  • You are willing to change and take new action; you just don’t know where to start.
  • You intuitively know that you are meant to make money your way and are ready to learn how.

I’ve been in business for myself full-time since 2008 and man oh man, do I wish I had the information from my Soul Money Map when I started.

I overcompensated for attempting to build my business in a manner by working really, really hard and thank goodness I’m really good at marketing because I would manage to figure things out. But it always felt harder than it “should” be and I had gotten burned out on a regular basis. I just thought that was how business was supposed to be. It’s hard work after all right?

Then Suzanne told me about the Soul Money Map and one of the biggest realization this gave me is I was literally building my business backwards in some aspects. I had the desire to contribute in bigger and more expansive ways to the world. Yet, I had followed mentoring that told me I should increase my prices and be more of an exclusive service provider. I “should” focus on higher-end packages. And I tried that. Again and again. It wasn’t working.

This reading gave me full permission to listen to my intuition and true desire of serving more people with my programs and products. And I knew exactly how to do that with this reading.

I’m now enjoying more time off with making money easier. I recommend this reading to every single one of my clients because as a business coach, I know exactly how to help them so we don’t have to experiment with various strategies that may take months (or years) to get right.

Angella Johnson

SOULpreneur, Speaker, Coach, Business Intuitive, Angella Johnson