Just one phone call with Suzanne changed my life & gave me so much clarity on what’s next with expanding my business. All of the branding & products that I’m creating now with “The Spiritual SmartAss” stemmed from the one call I had with her.

I review our call over and over again… almost weekly. It keeps me clear on my purpose, gives me clarity to kick ass on my sales calls and helps me show up 100% for my clients. I feel free, I feel ALIVE… it feels awesome to live in your passion and fully OWN your message (plus you help more people and it’s more profitable).

It’s almost like Suzanne knew me for a long time… she could tell what happened in my past (maybe even remember  stuff that I don’t remember!!! ) it’s pretty crazy… and pretty deep… and pretty awesome. Now I’m living fully in my passion without any doubtful energy holding me back.. It’s full speed ahead, and my business has been growing rapidly… because I know exactly where I’m going.

I know what I was put here on this Earth to do.
If you have a business… or a message to put out to the world and you don’t work with Suzanne you’re being crazy!!!

The ROI is exponential and will benefit you decade after decade. I may even be bold enough to say it’ll benefit you lifetime after lifetime :)

Brandon Havener

Spiritual Smartass, Baltimore, MD

My reading went nothing like I thought or anticipated it would be.  I went into the session with some fear and anxiety about my belief of getting rid of and clearing an energy that I perceived was with me.
Suzanne’s natural gift and ability to connect and hear the energy of the entities is Magical!
As soon as the session started I felt as ease right away.  The connection and conversation with the entity was so easy and light. I was even laughing several times during the session.

The Awareness I received about the energy of the entities has contributed more than I could’ve imagined.

Thank you Suzanne for your Magical Gift!

Jeni Burgess

The Diva Coach, Salt Lake City, UT

The moment I met Suzanne, I felt something warm, familiar, and honest. I trusted her immediately. And intuitively, I knew she could help me find myself. She’s kind, intelligent, intuitive, an astute business coach, and most importantly, she sees and speaks the truth.

She’s able to hold up a mirror and guide me through the frightening process of taking a glimpse in it. She has single-handedly been the most positive catalyst for growth in my professional life and has given me useful tools for introspection and self-development.

My sessions with Suzanne provide a safe place for me to unravel pieces of my patterns that aren’t working so that I can create different choices. She’s an amazing and magical person that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking something better.

Monica Dennis

Realtor, Salt Lake City, UT

Suzanne has been instrumental in many ways for my growth over the last few months. The first time I met with Suzanne I knew she was going to help me jolt myself into an intense process of finding myself again. She has helped guide me through personal, professional and relationship struggles and has more than anything helped me see what is “true” for me.

I have loved meeting with her regularly and getting further confirmation from working with her on what my path is and what my truest self is. I have had many major life challenges to deal with and Suzanne has been able to help me clear these things out so they no longer feel like they are being locked away but they are now truly easier to deal with when they come up in my thought process.

I have learned so much about myself, my kids and my relationships, which have made me a stronger, more focused, more purposeful person through my discussions with Suzanne. I am truly an amplified version of myself thanks to having Suzanne in my life.

Suzanne listens intently, with genuine love and concern, and truly hears what your concerns are. She is an amazing coach and I would and have highly recommended her to anyone that is in need (which honestly, we can all benefit from learning more about our truest self).

Monica Draper

Realtor, Salt Lake City, UT

Suzanne, when I connected with you, I didn’t realize how powerful your messages were for me. I am practically in tears writing this to you because I GET IT. I realized today …

The deeper I get into my work me being here on this planet to serve women has nothing to do with ME it has everything to do with the 7 billion conscious minds amongst me.

I stopped asking the question to my spirit guides, god, divine feminine council – I stopped asking them what am I supposed to do here? What work am I here for? Instead, I started asking things like how can I serve today? How can I show up FOR god today? Guide me to where “you” want me to go and send me to people you want me to serve on your behalf.

This was a very powerful shift for me. I know this is just the beginning.

I can’t even put into words what I feel inside. It wasn’t until I met you, started asking the right questions that things started to shift for me.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. The light in me, see’s the light in you.

R. Sekhon

Toronto, Canada

Suzanne, you’ve done so much for me I don’t even know where to begin.  You are the first person who ever stuck it out with me through thick and thin.  You’ve seen my deepest darkest parts and you have still loved me.  Tears fill my eyes as I type this.

Your faith in me surpasses what I thought was possible for me.  I’m breaking more patterns than ever.  You have brought so much clarity and awareness into my life; I can’t begin to describe it all.

I went from making $200 in a 5 month period to almost $1,000 in less than a month.  Without your encouragement I would not have risked trying to create my own business or pursued being an entrepreneur.  And even though it still feels like a big fat scary monster, I have made so much progress.  I sold packages, got told no and kept going.

More than that though, I got to hear from my clients how transformative and transcending the services I offered were.  And even when my doubt would creep in you were right there hearing me and cheering me on.  Working with you is transforming my life and every life I touch and together we are creating magic.  How does it get better than magic?

K. Foster

Salt Lake City, UT

Suzanne’s readings are life changing. I am a world class coach and I have coached with the best in the world. I am super picky about whom I get feedback/coaching from and there are things Suzanne can access that no one has been able to see or help me with.

I have gotten movement in areas that I hadn’t been able to change through traditional methods. I think in part because she is accessing what we can’t see with our conscious mind.

Every time she comes out with a new reading I’m first in line; which is why I had her “What’s Your Next Step” reading done as soon as she told me about it. I thought it might bring some clarity and instead it changed my life.  It wasn’t just information about my next steps it was a detailed map giving me specific direction for what will be the biggest career creation I’ve done yet.

I am thrilled and terrified of what is ahead of me which is a sure sign I’m right on purpose.  If you want big things in your life I can’t imagine not using this “blow your mind” resource. I would invite you to ask big and bold questions for this reading and I warn you that the answers will also be big, bold and life changing.

Megan Sillito

Life Coach, Salt Lake City, UT