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Redefining “Normal:”

While it’s not “normal” to be a genius in numbers and money, health and body, relationships AND spirituality, I’ve never been one to fit in the box of being normal. When you work with me, you receive a guide who empowers you to navigate every area of your life in alignment with YOUR soul truth.

The Numbers Chic: As an Accountant for over twenty years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to manage and invest their money. I have a knack for knowing how numbers work in someone’s life and business. In addition to the practical tools, I’ve acquired a new set of spiritual tools where I energetically read a client’s business and open client’s money channels expanding the possibility for true financial freedom.  To get a taster of what I offer why not begin with the Soul Money Map™ which unveils the way you uniquely create money based on who you are at soul level.

The Body Maven: As a certified personal trainer and health coach, I have the ability to empower you to get healthy and connected to your body. Why? So you can emBODY the life you want to be living. Health, fitness, nutrition…I’ve got you covered and in the Soul Body Map Reading™ we get to the core of what your body and health need to be fully aligned with your true power.

The Spiritual Guide: The bridge that brings everything I offer together is my deep soul work – the Akashic record work that connects you to your higher self, your divine consciousness, your soul purpose. In a Soul Purpose reading, I access your true essence, the deepest part of you where the truth of who you really are lives so that you can begin expressing that every day and in every way. Because it’s spot on what they say, “The truth shall set you free.”

Relationship Revitalizer: As a student of relationship for 25 years, I understand what it takes to create the vibrant, healthy relationships we all desire. From love, to kids, to friends, to society, to the world, we are in relationship with everything. Are you fulfilled or depleted in your relationships? I take a deeper look into your relationships starting with the Soul Relationship Map™ which paints a bigger vision, and a clear path to revitalize your relationships starting with yourself first.

All in one place. All for you.
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My Soul Truth:

I’ve been on a path of transforming my health, relationships, money and spirituality.
What ever path you are on, remember this: You can live your truth regardless of where you are right now.
I’ve done it and I’ll teach you how too.

Left: My partner Megan and I having a blast at Halloween.
Center: Relationships are the juice of life: Here are my loves (Alex, Erin, Megan and Madeline).
Right: My relationship with Megan is far beyond my vision of what I thought was possible. :)

My Body Bliss Transformation:

Twelve weeks before I turned 30, I was frumpy, overweight, and lethargic. I knew something had to change. It was then that I committed to transform my body, no matter what. By my 30th birthday, I had dropped five dress sizes, lost 25% body fat and felt empowered to help others feel sexy and healthy.

While I found a harmonious relationship with how I ate and moved my body, I learned to love, appreciate and acutely listen to my body and feel comfortable in my own skin no matter my size.

My philosophy is simple: feeling sexy and blissed out in your body is a habit totally worth nurturing. Each body’s eating and exercising needs are radically unique and deserve to be honored.

How I re-wrote my Money Story:

I grew up poor in a blue collar family where I only had hand-me-downs, shared rooms, and eating the same damn casserole twice a week. My dad at his peak salary made just over $40K a year for a family of 11 and that did not go far.

I remember my stay-at-home mom being stressed trying to pay a pile of bills, my Dad being bone tired after a long day of hard work, and then mom and dad continuously fighting about money. Yikes!

This lit a fire in me to create something different. I was the first to graduate college of anyone in my genealogical line and I chose accounting. Why? A field where a stable job would always be available. My first professional job made $17 per hour and I thought I’d won the lottery!

As my taxable income grew and so did my client’s, I begin to notice that some people were always poor, forever worried, and operated from a state of lack no matter what their checking account said. And I started realizing my own fears and limiting beliefs around money.

I noticed how I’d go unconscious and create conflict with my partners around finances, my fear of debt, and my beliefs that “rich people” were snobs. These were all sabotage moves that blocked my abundance.

After clearing my own money cobwebs, I’ve come to realize money is only energy, perfectly neutral, and mastering money is a spiritual path that rewards us greatly when we pay attention to it.

My philosophy is simple: Be radically you, and the money will find you.

My Spiritual “Re”connection:

By the age of 35, I had thrown out the religion of my youth and while I was at it, I threw out spirituality too.

For the next few years of my life, I sorted through old beliefs and experiences like sorting through a closet of old clothes and toys. I decided what to keep, what to believe in, what to alter and fix, and what to donate to the thrift store because I no longer had a need for it.

I searched for new beliefs because I wanted to believe in something bigger than myself. Sometimes feeling unity, love, and spiritual oneness with myself and others but not really understanding it. I intuitively knew that organized religion wasn’t for me, but confused about where to turn.

In my disjointed, jagged, inefficient soul journey, I stumbled across Soul Realignment™, a modality that teaches how to read the Akashic Records. A few months later I was introduced to my spirit guide team. After getting certified to read the Akashic Records and continually experiencing the pure love and truth available in that work, a whole new world has opened up.

Through this, I know what it’s like to feel utterly alone and not connected to anything. That is a very lonely place to live life. I also know the truth and here it is folks: you’re never alone. Period. Amen.

My philosophy is simple: Spiritual connection is a choice. Why not continually choose it?

Real Relationships, the inside story:

When I was four years old, I had a crystal clear vision of the happy, healthy relationship I was going to have when I grew up.

But as an adult after two divorces and two failed engagements, I felt broken and unlovable. My vision felt like an impossible dream. I prayed to a God I didn’t fully believe in for some insight. And you know what my answer was? “Stop acting like you’re a victim Suzanne, and do whatever it takes to change.” So I did.

It’s been the most challenging and deeply rewarding path of my life. After being taught the good and bad of relationships for 25 years, I can honestly say that I now have a relationship far beyond my childhood vision. I have a passionate, creative, fun adventure with my life partner, Megan, where we play full out, deeply love and honor each other for who we truly are, and continuously grow, create and learn together.

My philosophy is simple: Relationships are THE juice in life and everyone deserves to thrive in their connections with others.


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