Clarity [Clar-i-ty]

noun¬† |¬† From the Latin word claritas meaning “glory, divine splendor, brightness.”

Mmmm…want some of that?

With a shot of clarity, we all have the gorgeous opportunity to align with the glory, divine splendor and brightness we truly are.

Hi, I’m Suzanne Stauffer – Guide, Truth Teller, and Fire Starter.

I help you get clear about your truth and empower you to actualize what you truly desire in your business, relationships, health and spiritual connections.

Clients report after working with me that they have:

  • Permission to own their true essence and speak their truth
  • A big boost of empowerment and energy to take action
  • Feel less judgmental about themselves and their curren

    t situation

  • Clarity and alignment in key areas of their life

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(And don’t worry, I don’t “sell” in these conversations. I offer clarity so you can know your next step with or without me.)

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In Love and Truth,